ICBA Alberta

The entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and skilled construction professionals building Alberta

Zen Living Kitchen and Bath takes immense pride in its affiliation with ICBA Alberta.

As a dedicated member of ICBA Alberta, we align ourselves with an organization that champions open shop contractors and holds affiliation with the esteemed Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA).

Within the realm of ICBA Alberta, our membership connects us with a dynamic collective of entrepreneurs, adept business professionals, and skilled construction experts. Together, we form a cohesive community that is committed to fostering a construction sector that epitomizes safety, equity, exceptional training, and unwavering vitality. This unified community consists of visionary entrepreneurs and builders, united in their pursuit of propelling future growth and advocating ardently for the interests of present-day construction contractors, enterprises, and the industrious individuals who contribute to this field.

With roots dating back nearly five decades, ICBA has flourished into Canada's preeminent construction association, holding a prestigious status as one of the most prominent business associations across the nation.