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Have you been considering a home renovation? It’s true that it can be a considerable undertaking, but done with the right team, the result is always worth it. Zen Living provides complete home renovations in Calgary that will take the stress out of your renovation and add value to your home!

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Why choose Zen Living for your complete home renovations?

We offer a reliable one-stop shop for any design and renovation you may need, whether it is a simple upgrade or a complete overhaul. We are experts at solving space problems quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on enjoying your new home. Completing project work with the right vision and a solid budget with no extras, and no surprises has earned us worthy recognition among home renovation companies in Calgary. Here are some of the home renovations we can complete during your whole-home transformation:  

  • Addition: Are you considering adding more space for your growing family? A home addition allows you to optimize the layout to add more comfort, style, and features that will enable you and your family to love where you live. Whether you desire to create a home office, wine cellar, secondary suites, or any other addition, we can help you achieve it. Calgary home additions can be a part of your home renovation that we can do a great job on time and stress-free.  
  • Custom Interior: Our talented interior designers can help you with 3D design renderings and lots of practical design advice for your dream home, whether it's large-scale custom home renovations, budget-friendly condo upgrades, or a simple upgrade to your bathroom. Our experience in designing and manufacturing custom cabinets (including kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, utility room cabinets, and living space cabinets) is a huge asset that can help you create a comfortable, personalized, and functional living space for your family.  
  • Exterior: Your exterior home quality has declined from weather and aging. Or you want to add a new element to refresh your home. We highly recommend some exterior changes to your home in order to make a great first impression. We can replace windows, add a porch or a new deck, or simply a few coats of paint to make your home look new. It is also a fantastic way to increase your home's value in the future.  
  • Flooring: Updating your floors is one of the home renovations that can increase your home's value since it can significantly impact the look and feel of your home. We offer a wide selection of sustainable and safe engineered wood flooring so that you can find the perfect Calgary flooring for your needs.  
  • Plumbing/electrical/HVAC system upgrades: Custom home renovations typically involve significant changes, including plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. We are ready to help you make these tremendous updates to improve the comfort and functionality of your dream home.  
  • Floor plan alterations: Unlike weekend DIY projects, reconfiguring the layout of your home is a significant job that requires professional planning. It can include removing load-bearing walls to increase the size of your kitchen, transforming one room into two, relocating staircases to improve flow and functionality, etc.

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How much does home renovation cost in Calgary?

Calgary home renovation projects can vary widely in costs depending on the scope of the project and your project budget. For example, adding a wall to make an extra bedroom will be much more cost-effective than adding a full bathroom to your main floor. Another element that may affect the cost of your custom home renovation is the possibility of any construction that may involve structural changes. In this instance, an architect or engineer will be required to ensure all project elements are completed within specific architectural guidelines, which will also add some cost. Typically, kitchens, bathrooms, and ensuites tend to be the most expensive areas of a home to renovate. As a reliable home renovation company in Calgary, we will provide an accurate cost estimate for your renovation once we can discuss all the elements of your home renovation project with you.

How long does a complete home renovation take?

All projects vary in their timelines. When we go over the scope of your home renovation project, we will have a clear picture of how long the process will take to give you the results you are looking for. A few factors that may affect the project time include selecting what materials are needed for your project, confirming product delivery times, additions to the project scope, and obtaining permits, if required, for the renovation. In typical circumstances, after our first few meetings, our award winning and experienced team will draft a project plan that will give you a close estimation of your project timeline.

When do you need Calgary home renovation permits?

We can assist you in obtaining Calgary building permits to ensure your home renovation plan runs smoothly and efficiently. We handle all of the paperwork for permitting required, so there's nothing for you to worry about in regards to the project being completed with all approvals in place.

Do you have to live somewhere else during a home renovation?

Most renovation projects require homeowners to adjust their living conditions and work around the renovation construction. For each of our projects, we ensure that you are aware of every element in the planning and scheduling work needed to make the home renovation as painless as possible.  

While the project is underway, our team of professional tradespeople are courteous, clean and take extreme care in every home renovation project. We take extra care with clean tarps in all project areas; we manage projects closely and maintain clean workspaces and continually clean any high-traffic regions so as not to be disruptive to the flow of your home and family.  

Only in rare cases, depending on the area (or areas) being remodelled, may it not be possible to be in your home for a short period during the home renovation process.

Helpful things to consider before starting your complete home renovation project

Open and honest communication with our team around your home renovation budget is essential. It is important to us to be on the same page with all our clients. We will work together with you to make your home improvement dreams come true. We pride ourselves on open and honest communication around all costs and timelines, so there are no surprises.  

Here are a few costs people often miss as they prepare their home renovation budget: Product and service taxes, consulting fees, appliances, lighting fixtures, and new furniture.

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