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Traditional White Kitchen Cabinet

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Thank you for choosing Zen Living as your supplier. Zen Living guarantees all products manufactured and sold by Zen Living to be free from any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years.

In rare instances, Zen Living product is found to be defective, the defective part will be repaired free of charge, at the discretion of  an authorized Zen Living representative. This warranty applies to the repairs and replacement and may not cover delivery  cost or labour charges to remove or reinstall products or any related components.

This warranty is conditional on the original purchaser’s proper maintenance, care and use of the product. Damage from normal wear and tear,  misuse, abuse, negligence, improper storage, handling, cleaning, yellowing, fading, patina, staining, excessive heat, water penetration or force majeure, are the responsibility of the purchaser.

This warranty becomes null and void if Zen Living’s products are altered in any way. Improper installation or alteration of supply only cabinets will not be covered by warranty. Our warranty does not cover service calls to adjust moving components such as doors and drawers of the cabinets. These adjustments are part of the typical home owner maintenance.

Colour changes in wood due to sunlight, household cleaners, smoke and other environmental conditions may be apparent over time, as these changes are customary for wood. These deviations are not eligible for warranty. Replacement or add on parts may not match the original cabinetry due to these changes, however over time should match more closely to the original cabinetry.

Wood will continue to expand and contract with seasonal changes therefore hairline cracks at door joints and movements of  wood panels are characteristics of wood cabinetry and are not eligible for warranty. These will be most noticeable in our painted wood doors. There is no warranty coverage for warping, cracking or shrinking of doors resulting from inappropriate humidity levels (Relative Humidity of 40% - 50% should be maintained throughout the year).

A tolerance of 3/16” in door warping (corner to corner) will be considered to be acceptable and will not be grounds for replacement.

Replacement parts are subject to availability, and therefore may differ somewhat from the original parts due to the passage of time, natural aging process, and evolution of products. This may include door styles, finishes and other parts or components integrally associated with products. Although we will do our utmost to match paint and stain colours, due to the aging process their may be a slight variation in colour.

In some cases paint colours may experience oxidation. This is a result of UV rays and heat which may trigger a reaction causing paint colours to vary slightly, as a result colours may take 5-6 months to level out.


Cabinet Materials



  • New homes generally have movement due to settling of the ground so adjustments to doors and drawers to cabinets may be required as your new home settles.
  • A tolerance of 1/8”-3/8” space is acceptable between cabinet doors and drawers for allowance of expanding and shrinking from time to time.

Natural Woods / Veneers/ MDF

  • Natural woods will commonly vary in colour and characteristics due to the density of natural solid woods and veneers which will prevent stain colour consistency.
  • Five piece doors may expand and contract due to temperature and humidity, up to 0.5mm visible cracking around joint areas may be visible from time to time.

Textured HPL/MFC

  • Textured Laminate is one of the most consistent and durable material in today’s cabinetry market, in rare cases it may have a slight colour discoloration.

**Discoloration is not eligible for warranty.


  • Acrylic with its high gloss is one of the most effective ways to create elegance in today’s cabinetry market.
  • Acrylic may have prevalent characteristics such as slight discolorations, blurs, slight waves, dimples and hair line scratches.

**These are expected as they are inherent qualities in acrylic and will not be eligible for warranty.


  • New homes generally have movement due to the settling of the ground, which results in unlevelled cabinetry. As a result, shimming may be required as well. Due to cabinets shifting it may cause fracture cracks in the countertops.

Granite / Quartz

  • Stone has natural characteristics which include, but not limited to natural colour variations, water lines or physical properties (fissures, surface pits, and blemishes) that are normal and natural for some stones.

**These characteristics will not be eligible for warranty.

  • Due to the unique characteristics of stone, it is not possible to guarantee a match in the colour or veining when seaming two pieces together.
  • This warranty covers seam performance but not the appearance of the seam. Seam failure due to settling structural issues unrelated to the countertop installation is not covered.

Laminate Countertops

  • Please be aware that plastic laminate products by nature are subject to minor surface imperfections and slight irregularities, and may contain some colour variations and/or small particles of foreign matter. Any imperfection that falls within the acceptable limits as established by the laminate manufacturer will not be considered defective.

Not eligible for warranty purposes:

  • Cracks, chips, scratches and/or breakage not due to defects in material or workmanship.
  • Moisture damage at or around cut outs, backsplash, field-joints or dishwasher.
  • Exposure to excessive heat: This can cause laminate to separate from the substrate material to which it is bonded or melt the laminate itself.


All goods must be inspected upon receipt. Freight damage is the receiver’s responsibility to notify a Zen representative on site prior to installation. A delivery waiver will need to be signed off on in the presence of the delivery driver to indicate your delivery has been received.

Zen Living will carry the risk of loss or damage of the product until you or your representative inspect, and sign for them upon receipt. Upon delivery the Zen Living representative will un-package your product on site. At this time, you or your representative will examine your order to ensure that there are no visible signs of damage, missing or incorrect pieces. Indicate any problem on the Delivery Wavier. In the event that there is missing, damage or incorrect pieces upon delivery, a service part will be sent back out to you. A signed delivery wavier, without notations of missing, damaged or incorrect item(s) represents your acceptance of the complete order.

Either you or your representative, that is someone 18 years of age or older, must be present to receive the merchandise at the agreed upon day and time window. If no one is available to receive the delivery, a re-delivery time and date will be arranged. This agreement is with you and Zen Living. Zen Living will not be held responsible if you decide to have a 3rd party accept, receive and sign at the handover of items without the notations of visible defects of packaging, damaged item(s), or missing merchandise

If we are unable to gain access to the agreed delivery address, we will return the goods to our warehouse and make contact with you to re-arrange delivery.

Please make sure there is adequate access and space to complete the delivery, prior to delivery ensure that there is adequate room to make the delivery considering hallways, staircases and elevators. Ensure there is a clear pathway from the entry into the drop off area for the cabinets. Ensure all appliances are moved out safely out of the way to prevent any damages. Ensure to protect your flooring to prevent any damages during the delivery. (Zen Living recommends using Rhino board which can be purchased at your local hardware store).

(Service calls for these purposes are not covered under this warranty)

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