Kitchen Guides


How to budget for your new kitchen

A detailed budget is an essential first step in discovering what is possible with your kitchen, from the materials you choose to the professional help you hire. Creating a budget and then sticking to it is essential to avoid being surprised by the expense when all is said and done!


Plan your kitchen zone

Contemporary families not only use the kitchen for cooking only but also for working, coffee and tea, sociability, and unwinding after a long day. You need it to function perfectly with a designed layout. While the kitchen triangle theory is still a good basic method, the 5-Zones layout caters to more modern needs, multifunctional space, and connecting spaces.


How to measure your kitchen

Whether you’re installing new cabinets or changing up your existing ones, it’s important to get complete, accurate measurements to prevent unnecessary spacing issues. See below to learn how to measure for Kitchen Cabinets. Not comfortable measuring yourself?


All about cabinetry

Our cabinet material is 3/4” thick melamine furniture board which is thicker than the industry standard of 5/8”. This material is good balance of durability & cost.


What material should I choose

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with beautiful high end designs, in a wide selection of styles, at competitive pricing. With hundreds of colours, unique materials and numerous accessory options to customize your space; we are sure you will find the look that fits your design and budget.


How to choose countertop

At Zen Living, our countertops are made from the highest quality materials and made to fit every budget. You can choose from a wide selection of granite, quartz, or laminate each with rich colours, smooth textures, unique patterns and flawless design.


How to choose right colour

The kitchen takes up approximately 40% of the visual space in your home and typically consumes half your budget. This is a reason that colour scheme for the kitchen should be your first consideration. We know how difficult to pick one or two in plenty of shades, tones, and hues. At Zen Living, we have more than 600 colour options and make sure to offer the best conditions that you can find the perfect choice, including a list of four tips on how to choose the right colour for your kitchen!

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