Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services do Zen Living offer?

Zen Living specializes in cabinet manufacturing, countertop fabrication and glass backsplash. We offer design, delivery, and installation services for those products.

Can I customize my cabinetry?

Yes, Zen Living is a custom cabinet manufacturer, and we have the ability to produce cabinets to fit any specific size requirements and specifications.

How long dose it take to receive my cabinets after ordering?

Our lead times vary between 2-5 weeks or 10-12 weeks depending on the options and features you choose. We also have division called Zen Express, with a *3-5 day delivery timeline and a full service option with 2 weeks timeline for complete cabinet installation timeline.

* Some conditions may apply

Do you manufacture your own cabinets?

Yes, Zen Living is one of the few Canadian manufacturers that produce their own cabinets. This enables flexibility in design and ensures the timely delivery and servicing of your cabinets.

What kind of material are your cabinets constructed of?

Our interior cabinet material is 3/4” thick melamine furniture board which is thicker than the industry standard of 5/8”. This material is a good balance of durability and cost. The melamine surface provides an interior that is bright and easy to clean.

Can you help me design my kitchen?

Absolutely! You’ll be working with one of our Design Professionals who will help you design your kitchen to be both functional and beautiful. They will guide you through the process of choosing the best cabinets and accessories while working with you on the design and making sure you are within your budget. Our Design Professionals understand the dynamics of a beautiful and functional kitchen and will work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Why are your prices lower than other competitors?

We source the best materials from around the world. Our affordable prices are passed on to you because we manufacture our cabinets and countertops in-house, therefore cutting out middleman costs.

How long is Zen Living's warranty?

Zen Living guarantees our cabinets to be free of any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase.

Click here for more information on our warranty.

What is the difference between supply-only and full-service?

Our Full-Service offering includes our complete management of the project from start to finish as well as full design and installation services. Our design professionals collaborate with clients on design ideas, then our project managers and installation experts coordinate and execute all aspects of the renovation so the process is headache-free for our clients!

Our Supply-Only division offers our products, fully assembled, direct to the customer without installation support. All Zen-Living products can be ordered through our Supply-Only devision. We also offer an additional option through our Zen Express line which supplies pre-sized cabinets, with 16 colours options at a lower price. Through both lines, cabinets are ordered and installed either by the homeowner themselves, our preferred contractors, or the homeowner’s contractor of choice.

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